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Anand Bhawan Palace

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Shri Rajshree Sahu Chatrapati Memorial Wrestling Arena

Shri Rajshri Sahu Chhatrapati Memorial Wrestling Arena also known as Dewas Arena was constructed in the memory of Shahu Maharaj (also known as Chhatrapati Rajshri Shahu)(26 June 1874- 6 May 1922) of the Bhonsle dynasty of Marathas was a Raja(reign.1894-1900) and the first Maharaja(1900-1922) of the Indian princely state of Kolhapur. The arena was constructed during reign of Vikramsinhrao (Nana Sahib Puar)( 4 April 1910- 9 May 1983) who became Maharaja of Dewas ( Senior) in 1937 and who later succeeded to the throne of Kolhapur as Shahaji ||. Many renowned wrestlers like King Kong , Great Gama, Harnam Singh fought in this arena. The Great Gama on the visit to Dewas was welcomed in a grand way and was made to seat on an elephant and procession was held. The arena is now managed by District Govt.

H.H Sayaji Rao Gayakwad Dwar

H.H Sayaji Rao Gayakwad Dwar commonly know as Sayaji Dwar in heart of the city . Situated on tri junction of M.G Road & A.B Road is centre of all celebrations and events of Dewas City . The famous Sayaji Dwar was inagugurated in 1941 on the name of Maharaja Gayakwad Sir Sayaji Rao Khanderao Gayakwad and was inaugurated by Maharaja of Bikaner Sir Ganga Singh Bahadur . The gate was constructed during the reign of H.H Maharaj Sadashivrao II ( Khase Sahab ) Puar of Dewas Junior. The gate is surrounded by Chat Chopati , District Collector Office , Malhal Smriti Mandir and Chamunda Complex .

King Edward VII Memorial Arch

King Edward II Memorial Arch commonly knows as Nahar Darwaza was constructed during the reign of H.H Sir Maharaja Tukoji Rao III Puar , 6th Maharaja of Dewas Senior (1899-1937 ) in the honour of King Edward VII , King of United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland & Emperor of India from 22 Jan 1901 till death in 1910 . The gate was renovated and redesigned after 2006.

H.H Madhavrao II Scindia Arch

Sir Madhavrao II Scindia Arch commonly knows as Lal Gate situated at the Station Road Square was constructed during the reign of H.H Maharaja Sadashivrao II ( Khase Saheb ) Puar , 8th Maharaja of Dewas Juniour ( 1934 – 1943 ) in the honour of H.H Sir Madhavrao II Scindia , 8th Maharaja of Gwalior State ( 1897-1925 )

Puar Chhatri

Puar Chhatri at Chhatri Bagh is located on the banks of Meetha Talab , Chhatri Bagh is originally a funeral site of the Royal Puar Family . The site has lot of canopied also known as chhatris which mark the funeral site of a Puar King or Queen . The Chhatris are beautifully carved and resembles ancient architectural designs . The bank of Meetha Talab covered with greenery on one side and the view of Dewas Tekri on other side make this place more beautiful.

Lakshmi Niwas Bhawan

Lakshmi Narayan Bhawan was constructed during the reign of H.H Maharaja Sadashivrao II (Khase Saheb) Puar 8th Maharaja of Dewas Junior (1934 – 1943) and was inaugurated by H.H Maharaja Scindia Sir Jivajirao Scindia , 9th Maharaja of Gwalior on 19th February 1940 .The heritage building is now known as LNB Club is a beautiful building located on A.B Road is still a club with Indoor Sports facilities

World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial located at Ropeway Station old Meena Bazar is constructed in memories of The Dewas Senior Medical Detachment which was sent in the reign of Sri Vikramrao Puar Sena Sapatasahatri ,K.C.S.I , Maharaja Saheb of Dewas Senior in World War II 1939 – 1945 . This memorial is erected in memory of the soldiers who laid down their lives in Singapur .

Narayan Tower

Narayan Tower at Manek Chowk commonly knows as Ghanta Ghar at Shubhash Chowk was constructed during the reign of H.H Maharaja Sir Malharrao ( Baba Saheb ) Puar , 7 th Maharaja of Dewas – Junior 1892 / 1934 in the memory of H.H Raja Narayanrao Haibatrao ( Dada Saheb ) Puar , 6th Raja of Dewas – Junior 1864 /1892

Raja Jivajirao Tower

Jivajirao Tower was built in the memory of Raja Jivajirao Kaloji Puar, 1st Raja of Dewas – Junior (1728-1744) is in Shukrawariya Hat area of Dewas . The tower was constructed during the reign of H.H Maharaja Sadashivrao || (Khase Saheb) Puar, 8th Maharaja of Dewas Junior (1934-1943). Earlier the tower also had a library.


Gandharvpuri is a village in Sonkatch tahsil in Dewas district in Madhya Pradesh . It is situated about 15km north of Dewas .

It is the city of Raja Gandharvasena , father of Vikramaditya, King of Ujjain.

Vikramaditya was a legendary 1st century BCE Emperor of Ujjain, India, famed for his wisdom, valour and magnanimity. According to the Pratisarga Parvan of Bhavisya Purana, he was the second son of Ujjain’s King Gandharvasena of Paramara dynasty.



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